Dive into our collection of useful resources, including Food Data Collaboration project webinar recordings and more. We’ll be updating this page regularly as the project progresses. Get in touch if you think we’re missing something!


Oxford Real Farming Conference 2023: Local food economies: how do we join the dots? – 06/01/2023

Oxford Real Farming Conference 2022: Linking short supply chains with data session – 06/01/2022

Collaborating towards food data interoperability: technical deep dive webinar – 08/11/2021

Data Food Consortium UK webinar – 07/07/2021


Land Workers Alliance – Introducing the Food Data Collaboration – 18/03/22

Mint Magazine – Off the Scale – 26/06/21

Agroecology Now! – 21st Century Agroecology – 08/04/21

Sustain – Going Digital: Technical Infrastructure for an Agroecological Transition – 18/03/21


The Food Data Collaboration is inspired by the French project – the Data Food Consortium – EnglishFrench

Code and Implementation

Technical Guides and Documentation

More information on implementation within the UK FDC Commons, is available on our guide for potential partners: What does it mean to implement ?

Week Notes

This project is highly experimental and not guaranteed to succeed. We believe that experiments like this are crucial in the times that we live in and are grateful to our funders who are supporting this mission. As such we feel it is our responsibility to document our processes and learning as we go, including our mistakes. We will be publishing regular Week Notes (although probably not weekly) in the spirit of ‘working in the open’.

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