First software pilot links Hodmedod’s and Goodery

This month saw the first pilot of software bringing the Food Data Collaboration to life, trialling an application linking purveyor of British-grown pulses, seeds, grains and flour Hodmedod’s and Norwich-based online organic grocery marketplace Goodery via the online sales platform Shopify.

The software – developed through work with development co-operative Yalla Cooperative – serves to significantly reduce the manual input required by a food hub to list and sell Hodmedod’s products by automatically pulling information (product descriptions, images, etc.) from the Hodmedod’s Shopify platform and enables automated ordering once customers place orders via the food hub. It also offers an easy and hassle-free way to expand and diversify a food hub’s retail offer with minimal adminstrative effort, saving precious time, energy and money. This first pilot with Goodery is set to be expanded to include platforms hosted via the Open Food Network UK in the coming months.

After a long development journey, we’ve successfully launched the first Food Data Collaboration pilot in the UK, in collaboration with two of their project partners – Open Food Network UK and Hodmedod’s – working with Norwich-based local food hub Goodery. This innovative platform is designed to revolutionise short food supply chains by promoting fairness, locality, and transparency. We are proud of this collaboration, which has enabled us to deliver this impactful solution.

Yalla Cooperative

If your food hub is interested in learning more about the opportunities presented by the software in development or getting involved in a forthcoming pilot, we’d love to hear from you! Please email our Project Coordinator at and she’ll be in touch.

Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash.

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